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The Educational Benefits of 'Word power' for Children (Scrabble)

‘Word power ‘offers numerous advantages for kids, fostering their cognitive, linguistic, and social development. Firstly, it enhances vocabulary as children learn new words while playing. It improves spelling skills, reinforcing correct word formations. Strategizing in’ Word power’ sharpens critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The game encourages creativity as players experiment with word combinations. Additionally, it boosts concentration and focus, requiring sustained attention throughout the game. Word power promotes healthy competition, teaching kids’ good sportsmanship and resilience in both winning and losing. Moreover, playing ‘Word power’ with family or friends strengthens social bonds and communication skills, making it a valuable educational tool for children.

Chaya Nisarga offers’ Word power’ board in fabric and is hand painted, the design is original to Chaya Nisarga. The alphabets and treys are made of Teak wood.

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