Chaya Nisarga is an organization that manufactures and promotes board games, wooden puzzles, educational toys, lamps, and artifacts for interior decor. The material we use is entirely organic.

Since our establishment in the year 2000, G Ravi Shankar Shinde, founder of Chaya Nisarga, has focused on working with self-help groups. He supports them in the area of design development, raw material procurement, brand extensions, developing the right product mix, and marketing.


Driven by a passion for handicraft and freedom to fuel one’s creativity, we make an impact on the market by offering quality products. The major issues facing the handicraft industry today are the profusion of plastic and mass production by big industries. We aim to help artists and artisans overcome these hurdles.


Increasingly, people live their lives on digital platforms that disconnect them from the real world. This is particularly true for children, whose migration to the online realm is compounded by an education system that emphasis academic learning, sacrificing their right to play. Our products are an effort to encourage a return to physical world.

Board games and puzzles overcome geographic boundaries of acceptance.


We strive to kindle the ‘think out of the box’ concept through our wooden puzzles, and continue to celebrate organic and eliminate plastic through our specialties.

We also conduct practical workshops at schools with a view to spread the benefits of board games and puzzles. We are ready to offer free service in the area of old age homes and hospitals where the need of the hour is distraction from depression through the help of positive engaging activities through our products.

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