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"Navakankari: Ancient Strategy Game of Nine Squares"

Navakankari, an ancient Indian strategy game, transcends time with its blend of simplicity and depth.

Played on a nine-square board, players strategically place pieces to outmaneuver their opponent. Each square symbolizes a strategic point, adding layers of tactical depth to every move.

 Navakankari requires foresight, adaptability, and cunning, reminiscent of chess yet uniquely its own. Its origins steeped in history, Navakankari's resurgence highlights its timeless appeal, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. As players navigate the board's intricacies, they immerse themselves in a timeless pursuit of victory, honoring a tradition that spans centuries.

Chaya Nisarga offers Navakankari which is unique, the board is hand painted on fabric by group of Artists, they are foldable, washable and easy to carry. The art work is original to Chaya Nisar


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