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Pacheesi the royal board game of India (the ancestor of Ludo and Parcheesi)

Originating in ancient India, Pachisi remains a cherished board game blending luck and skill. Players race their four pawns around a cross-shaped board, aiming to reach home while thwarting opponents. A throw of rectangular wooden dice dictates moves, introducing an element of chance. Strategy unfolds as players decide whether to advance their own tokens or hinder rivals. With roots tracing back centuries, Pachisi transcends cultures, captivating players worldwide. Its simple rules belie a depth of tactics, making every game a dynamic journey of calculation and risk. Pachisi endures as a timeless classic, uniting players in spirited competition.

Chaya Nisarga offers Pacheesi that is hand painted on fabric. Its user friendly, foldable, washable and easy to carry. It can be hung on the wall while not being played ‘as a piece of art’

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