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Wooden Teethers for Infants and its safety.

Wooden teethers offer a natural and safe option for soothing infants' gums during teething. Made from non-toxic, chemical-free materials, they reduce the risk of harmful substances entering a baby's mouth.

Their firm yet gentle texture provides effective relief from teething pain. Additionally, wooden teethers are durable and environmentally friendly, often crafted from sustainably sourced wood

They also promote sensory development, with natural textures and shapes stimulating tactile exploration. Easy to clean and naturally antibacterial, wooden teethers are a hygienic choice for parents seeking a healthy and eco-conscious solution for their teething infants. 

Plastic and synthetic teethers can pose several risks to infants. They often contain harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PVC, which can leach out and be ingested, potentially disrupting hormonal balance and development.


Chaya Nisarga offers Wooden teethers handcrafted in Steam beach wood.

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